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The 2007 Krewe of Warriors Shogun Warriors

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Beans_Rice 005
This is a day of rest between the beach parade and "Fat Tuesday" in New Orleans. The whole gang digs in to help recover from Sunday and get ready for Tuesday.

Beans_Rice 009
Becky and Jay enjoying the day.

Bus_ 006
Group photo of the Warriors on the way to New Orleans for "Fat Tuesday." The bus left P'cola at 6:00am, and this is at a rest stop at about the half-way point.

Bus_ 022
Back on the bus - people start getting ready for a day of insanity.

Bus_ 035
What happens on the bus stays on the bus.

Bus_ 069
Linda and John getting ready to party.

Bus_ 037
Henry shaved his beard for the Shogun year too and he seems to be really proud of that tattoo.

Bus_ 051
As one of the Kings, Don helps put the New Orleans trip together each year.

NOLA- 002
Karen and Cathy getting ready to party in New Orleans.

NOLA- 079
Out of focus photo of Linda with a tall Satyr.

NOLA- 075
Linda always finds interesting folks to hang with. Not sure what he is King of, but he's got a great costume.

NOLA- 057
Wayne and John checking out the talent on Bourbon Street.

NOLA- 147
Lisa's mom joined us for the trip, and here we are near the end of the day having cafe' au lait and beignets at the world famous Cafe Du Monde.

NOLA- 146
One last hug before going home!

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