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The 2007 Krewe of Warriors Shogun Warriors

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Downtown 023
Connie with two of her young shoguns.

Downtown 026
Nice hair Anne!

Beach 011
Partying before the beach parade is a Warrior tradition

Downtown 039
Paula just before the parade rolled.

Downtown 044
Getting ready to roll!

Downtown 050
Ready to walk!

Downtown 052
Don got in a hurry - Quick! Call the Guiness people!

Downtown 073
Head 'em up! Move 'em out!

Downtown 090
Frank and Eileen solve the problem of walking and carrying enough beads for the whole parade.

Downtown 101
Paul is always ready with a great costume.

Beach_Karen_Cam 003
The Warriors invade the beach!

Beach_Karen_Cam 033
Partying the night before the beach parade.

Beach_Karen_Cam 040
As usual Steve is having way too much fun.

Beach_Karen_Cam 031
And Karen is right there in the thick of things.

Beans_Rice 015
Monday after the beach parade is "Red Beans and Rice Monday." Tommy and the Krewe of Wrecks make hundreds of pounds of red beans and rice.

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