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The 2007 Krewe of Warriors Shogun Warriors

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Downtown 011
For 2007 the Krewe of Warriors chose "Shogun Warriors" as our theme. This is a group picture taken before the downtown parade. As usual Karen is in there, but not Steve, because he's taking the photo.

Downtown 018
Karen made a beautiful samurai, but boy was it cold that day!

07 KOW Saturday  Sunday Parade 015
Steve at the beach parade. He dyed his hair black with permanent dye and shaved his beard into a Fu-Manchu. People made jokes about his hair for months.

KOW_Ball 001
Paula at the ball - nice hat!

KOW_Ball 003
As usual, Queen Penny was looking great.

KOW_Ball 010
Steve and Paula mugging for the camera.

KOW_Ball 033
Rich and Princess Margie at the ball.

KOW_Ball 039
The Warrior ball is just too much fun!

KOW_Ball 041
Prince Henry and Karen.

KOW_Ball 045
Queen Dawn (BDQE) and Karen

Beach 025
Karen and friends at the beach parade.

Beach 042
The crowd was out in force on the beach despite the cold. "Throw me something mister!"

KOW_Ball 048
Our Warrior court was hard to recognize with so much makeup.

Downtown 021
Princess Sylvia at the Downtown parade.

Downtown 022
Gus never misses an opportunity to hug the ladies!

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