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Mardi Gras 2008 - Krewe of Warriors Plutonian Year

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Downtown_Parade 052
King Don and Prince Wayne (Don was King during the Pre-Historic Year)

2008_Night_Parade 053
Protesting the demotion of Pluto to "Dwarf Planet."

2008_KOW_Ball 058
Toni brought Dr. May to the ball

2008_Beach_Parade 095
Harriet letting me know what she thinks of me

2008_Beach_Parade 065
Last minute nutrition before the prade rolls

2008_KOW_Ball 062
Steve made a few friends at the ball

2008_Night_Parade 055
Karen and Nancy at the night parade

Downtown_Parade 101
Danny at the downtown parade

2008_Beach_Parade 011
Steve and Karen with Natalie and Queen Vicki at teh beach parade

2008_Beach_Parade 137
Trish, Queen Candy, Steve, Karen and Ed at the beach parade

2008_KOW_Ball 070
Paul Thrash was the King of the Plutonians, accompanied by his royal concubine Sylvia

2008_Night_Parade 047
Paul and Sylvia at the ball

2008_Beach_Parade 271
King Paul on the "Royal Float" during the beach parade

2008_Beach_Parade 273
Float chairman extrodinaire Jay at the beach parade

2008_KOW_Ball 021
Jay at the ball

Photos from the 2008 Krewe of Warriors - The Plutonian Warriors
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